Flex Fuels: E20-E85

E85 (up to 85% ethanol) and mid-level ethanol blends like E30 (30% ethanol) are for use in flex fuel vehicles (FFVs), which are designed to adjust to any level of ethanol in fuel between 0 and 85%, providing drivers a choice at the pump.

Using higher ethanol blend fuels in your FFV keeps our air cleaner and reduces our use of oil.

Is your vehicle flex fuel?

FlexFuel blends (E20-E85) are for use only in vehicles designed to adjust for a range of ethanol levels. Flex Fuel capability comes standard on a large number of vehicle models and engine sizes. Enter your vehicle make and model to see which engine sizes are flex fuel. If your make or model is not a choice in the boxes below, it is not on our list of flex fuel vehicles.

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To confirm if your vehicle is flex fuel, look for:

Decal Inside Fuel Lid Door.
Decal appearance will vary by vehicle.

Bright Yellow Fuel Cap

External Badging

(some FFVs may have only one or two of these)